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A thermostat is an important part of this heating system, which holds the temperature near a desired target value. The temperature will be controlled by turning the floor or surface heat off and on.

The thermostat uses sensors to measure the temperature. The sensor’s signal controls the heat output of the heating device. A thermostat will then turn the underfloor or ceiling heating off at temperatures above the set point and turn it on, when the temperature drops below the set point. The temperature difference between the temperature for switching on and off is known as hysteresis and it prevents too frequent switching of the floor or ceiling heating.

A proper thermostat can bring significant energy savings without sacrificing comfort. A programmable thermostat can trim more than 200 Euro off you electricity bill, by automatically reducing your heating, when you need it least. The thermostats offered are easy to install and use, and have a fashionable appearance in surface or flush mounting.

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