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Electric under floor heating

with radiant heating film Calorique

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    • You wake up on a cold winter morning and go barefoot on a nicely heated floor to your kitchen to drink a cup of coffee. This often remains just a thought, with the current prices of electricity and underfloor heating. But not so with Calorique’s electric floor heating! Customers worldwide count on our energy-efficient infrared heating film. Electric underfloor heating offers important advantages. More and more people choose to warm their space in this way.

    • By gently heating the entire floor surface, the Calorique infrared heating film works with 1-2 ° C above room temperature considerably more energy efficient than conventional heaters. The heat distribute itself evenly over the floor and the room.

You can use Calorique heating film as the main heating source or for comfort floor heating.

The heating film suits for different types of floors:

  • Fließen und Stein

    Tiles and stone

  • Hartholz


  • Laminat


  • Parkett


  • Teppich


The heating foil retain a thickness of 0.3 mm. You can easily retrofit underfloor heating with Calorique. For info on the installation, please see our installation page with instructions and technical data.

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