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Calorique heating film works similar to our sun. The heating elements emit infrared warmth. In contrast to conventional heating systems, Calorique heats the surfaces of the objects in the room. This principle we know as surface heating.

Therefore, we offer the following advantages typical for surface heating:

  • The surfaces warmed by infrared heat give off heat.
  • The energy required will not waste by heating the air, which turns very inefficient.
  • The heating film warms the surfaces in the surrounding area and the difference to the room temperature stays very low. It prevents potential condensation and mold and germ growth.

The energy output of the heating surface will be nearly proportional to the temperature difference between the heating surface temperature and the room temperature. At a higher room temperature, the energy output of the heating surface decreases.

For example, if the room temperature increases with a floor surface temperature of 22 ° C due to sunlight in a room of 20 ° C to 21 ° C, the heat output reduces by half. Conversely, the lowering of the room temperature increases the energy output.

Foil heating with individual room control plus self-regulating effect

Through a single-room control, the difference between the heating surface and the room temperature reduces. The lower this difference remains, the better works the self-regulating effect. The self-regulating effect achieves its greatest effect in combination with the individual room control.

The energy saving effect of surface heating sustains due to its optimal temperature level. The floor temperature keeps from 22 to 23 ° C. Even if outside stays -15 ° C cold, it can reach a comfortable warmth with 24 ° C surface temperature.

With surface heating, the average temperature of floor and wall surfaces remains around 1-2 ° C higher than the air one. Every one-degree drop in air temperature saves about 6% of energy. The intelligent individual room control with a clock thermostat additionally contributes to savings in cost and energy with surface heating. Thus the heating film by Calorique guarantees not only a maximum comfort  and it protects the environment and your wallet.

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