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Ceiling heating

Infrared heating foil from Calorique®

You know the feeling, when in winter and low temperatures the rays of the sun bring a lot of warmth. Electric ceiling heating works on the same principle. The heat from strips evenly distributed over the ceiling transfers itself to the room and the belongings. The air remains a degree or two cooler than the objects in the room. This can significantly save you energy in comparison to other forms of heating.

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    • Calorique’s efficient ceiling heating can be the ideal main source of heating for every room. With the installation of radiant heating film the ceiling, the walls and the furniture will be warmer as air and they will radiate this heat again.

    • Ceiling heating with radiant heat film Calorique subsist a surface heating system with many advantages. The most important benefit will be the possibility to use 100% of the wall and room space. Ceiling heating offers the perfect solution for small and large rooms, whether private or commercially used. Ceiling heating with infrared heating film Calorique provides equal heat distribution.

For more information on the installation, please refer to our pages Installation Instructions and Technical Data about the heating film.

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