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Heating for pets and reptiles

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    Heat plays an important role with humans as well as our pets. The proper heating in a terrarium can be crucial for its inhabitants. Especially reptile keepers know that this is important. Reptiles are cold-blooded animals and therefore are dependent on external heat sources.

    Radiant heating film ensures safe, even heating. Heat foil replaces the sun in the natural environment of these animals. Low, even heat provides a healthy atmosphere for cold-blooded reptiles. When needed, reptiles are seeking warmer places, in order to regulate their own body temperatures as best as they can. Easy to install and inexpensive to operate, the Calorique heating system offers an alternative for animal lovers, who do not care for expensive heaters and lamps.

The most important advantages of heating film for pets and reptiles:

  • Geringe Betriebskosten

    Low operating costs

  • Langlebigkeit


  • Null Wartung

    Zero maintenance

  • Einfache Installation

    Easy to install

Warm-blooded animal, such as dogs and cats love to lie in a warm corner. They find these corners unfortunately mostly in your bed or on your couch. Now, with heating film, you can build a warm area of his or her own for your dog or cat.

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