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The ceiling heating system Calorique ® is a unique heating system. The heating strips are evenly distributed over the ceiling and the heat is transferred to the room and the furniture. The air is never getting too hot, and electric power is significantly saved in comparison with other electrical heating types.The most important advantage of a ceiling heating system is the ability to use 100% of the room area and can so take over the role of a home heating system.The installation of ceiling heating is similar to the installation of Calorique ® panels in wooden floors.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Do not pierce the ceiling. Mechanical damage to the heating foil may cause an electrical accident, short circuit or even a fire to occur.

  • If the ceiling needs repair, because of water or other damage, the damaged heater strips must also be renewed.

  • Parts of the ceiling under the heating foil should not be covered with decorative or other objects since this can lead to overheating.

  • If this is not avoidable, those parts of the heated ceiling must be switched off.

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