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Mirror defogger

Install a heated mirror using Calorique ® and the mirror stays clear even during a hot shower! In a few steps, the anti-fog system for your bathroom mirror is finished:

1.Turn off the power supply.

2.The mirror must have no backing, since it would drastically reduce the heating effect.

3.Check the rear surface of the mirror, if it is clean and dry.

4.Prepare the heating element, so that it measures 5 cm less than the mirror.

5.Attach the electrical clamps to a wire with a cross-section of at least 1,0 mm². Insulate the connectors and current conducting rail bars with electrical tape.


A clear view is maintained at the same height as the heating foil and five cm. Note the appropriate position for the heating foil.

6. Attach heating film using a tape on the wall.

7. Connect the wires to the bathroom light or mirror lighting. Observe the rules for power lines in humid areas.

8. Attach the mirror to the wall with the best possible contact to the heating foil. The mirror must cover the heating film completely, as it simultaneously provides protection for the heating film.

Enjoy a mirror with a clear view.

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